Yanny James

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SUPER JUNIOR boys rock my bra!
KIM HEECHUL my sayang..ARGH!!!!
*look down at his pic* can i faint? huhu

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*MELTS* Kim heechul <33



BUBBLY peeps

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Th month of october is tough ones, i cried almost everyday and hoping tht u could undrstnd wht im trying to say. But u freakin ignore me instead! But after th 1 on 1 talked, thank god u got it! And ure super awesome! Ure different from a guy tht ive date or w before. Ure just th best among th rest! I thank god i met u! I thank u for treating me well. What else i want from u? Ure just an ideal guy for me. Ily! Ily! And ily! Bby, pls dont ever leave me.. I'll promise u i'll be good! Thnks for th undrstandin. Miss u much!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"God give me strength. i need you to guide me. amin"

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hi all, today is saturday and yeah i stayed home. My bf had his boys riding session and i dont want to be the only lady there. so it's ok, my rest day! whee!
But i dont do nothing at home obviously, i checked out my girly make up stuff and yea decide to makeover myself since i got nothing to do. So here's th credit! im so happy. i put on 2 fake lashes on 1 eye just to make it look more to dolly like but nope. Atleast my eyes look larger and im happy! LOL!
Oh well, boyfriend just called me and tomorrow will be going geylang w him to buy raya kurung. Ok, can and i want foooOOOddd tomorrow!! i dont care! huahuahua! and so whats new bout me? hmmm this year i've just gained freaking 7kg in 2 months! yes! i have double chin, my butt looks bigger, my arms.. oh well, like i weight 70kg like tht. but no obviously im just 53kg. FAT! NO? idk. colleagues calling me fatty, MOK, gemok etc.. alaaa, i dont care and im happy. i think i look good when ive already gained weight :) so i think i've typed much. till here. see ya around and i guess no ones reading also. HAHAHAHAHAH! gdnight!